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Pest Control & Fumigation

Pest Control

In order to make the human, pet, livestock and wildlife environment habitable, to prevent disease spread and occurrence and to protect damage to food and property, Greencare provides professional and effective pest control services.

This is done by baiting, application of repellents and eradicative treatment against insect pests such as Termites, cockroaches, sugar ants, Bedbugs, mites, woodworms, white flies, mosquitoes, silver fish, fumigation against weevils in silos, stores and other facilities, baiting against rats, mice and moles, snakes control, treatment of pet and livestock housing against pests.


The benefit from our services is freedom from the following problems associated with pests.

I. Pests are offensive

Pests are very offensive. Most people on seeing them become very uncomfortable and some get nauseated.

II. Pests transmit diseases

These include plague, histoplasmosis, Leprosy, Asthma, Chaga’s disease, relapsing fever, pasterella pseudotuberculosis, dermatomycoses, listeriosus, leptospirosis, salmonella typhimuruim,and, and various forms of encephalitis.

Mosquitoes can transmit malaria and yellow fever. They also lead to disturbances at work. 

Cockroaches and sugar ants transmit serious gastrointestinal diseases like dysentery and typhoid while moths destroy fabrics. 

For livestock and wildlife some many diseases are vector borne. These include East Coast Fever, Tripanasomiasis and Elephantiasis

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Waste Management

Greencare Waste management policy is geared towards providing unrivalled solutions for waste collection and disposal in line with best industrial and environmental practices. We strive to be a mark above the rest in the market. By controlling the process of waste flow from the point of generation to disposal we are able to provide monitoring of implemented high standards of waste management. The Processes are in the stages of collection, transportation and disposal.

The stages may include as necessary

  • Collection- Where waste is separated at source properly packaged and collected in a timely and convenient manner.
  • Transportation- the collected waste is transported using approved vehicles duly designed for the purpose to minimize contamination of the physical, visual or olfactory environment
  • Aggregation- where necessary the waste is stored in appropriate conditions awaiting disposal. At this stage more separation is conducted.
  • Disposal- various methods of disposal are used including

ü  Recycling – recyclable materials are transported to appropriate recyclers

ü  Re use – materials that can be reused are reapplied into various uses using various channels.

ü  Composting- Biodegradable waste is utilized in composting pits to generate organic fertilizer which is supplied to users.

ü  Incineration- hazardous, medical , industrial waste are incinerated at recommended conditions

We also design innovative systems geared towards reducing amount of waste generated on site. In line with keeping abreast with industrial developments we are in the process of setting up an incineration facility at Athi River with a capacity of over 1000 tonnes per hour in partnership with SMS infrastructure ltd.

The main ranges of waste that we handle includes;

  1. Hazardous waste including medical, pharmaceutical pesticides and electronic waste
  2. Non Hazardous waste including residential, industrial office and petroleum waste
  3. Sanitary waste
  4. Exhauster services
  5. Green waste for composting purposes

Medical and hazardous waste

Medical and other hazardous waste like pharmaceutical waste and industrial waste is disposed of by incineration. This is achieved by proper control of all the incinerating conditions. Compliance with international standards is maintained at all times. Electronic waste is collected for recycling.


Non Hazardous

The fate of non hazardous waste after all reduction efforts have been made is re-use, recycling. Thereafter waste that cannot be re-used or recycled ends up in landfills.

At Greencare, we help our clients to maximize opportunities for reduction and re-use and recycling of waste. The rest is taken to approved landfills.

Sanitary waste

We collect sanitary waste from residences, institutions and work places. This is done in the most hygienic manner and is done regularly. The waste is later disposed of by incineration. For these, we provide the appropriate bins which allow the waste to be deposited while preventing the one in the bin from being seen. Our team of dedicated employees ensures that the bins are changed regularly.

Exhauster services

We provide services of emptying septic tanks and other liquid and slurry sumps.

Green waste

In horticultural/agricultural and fresh produce packaging facilities where compostable waste is generated, Greencare collects this waste for composting while taking all suitable measures to control plant disease possibility. The resulting compost is later used as a soil conditioner, manure and to rehabilitate abandoned quarries. This can be done at the client’s facility or at our own composting sites

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Environmental Systems Design

Environmental Systems Design
The world today is moving towards a greener scheme of life with increased awareness of the effects that our actions have on the environment. The life long philosophy of the belated beloved laureate Wangari Mathai had been the acknowledgement of Human beings of the significance of Environment to the sustenance of current and future Generations. in more ways than one this environment has been back lashing against humanity with regrettably avoidable consequences.
The beauty about it is that everyone can do something about it no matter your circumstances.
At Greencare we provide a ready pol of expertise to help tackle your environmental challenges. Our team of engineers, environmental scientists and other related experts are ready to advise and liaise with you in developing and delivering solutions tailored for your needs. some of the services include,

  • Irrigation systems
  • - we specialize in developing surface, sprinkler and sub surface irrigation systems. our team has long standing experience in concept development and actual design from beginning to end of irrigation systems be they large scale schemes of your kitchen garden. We always value your challenge 
  • Hydraulic systems design
  • - this entails design and project supervision for construction of concrete dams , earth dams,.sand dams, Baarkads etc to suit you needs.
  • Water catchment /Rain water harvesting
  • - How can you harvest and reuse water from your facility? Greencare is the one stop shop for all your rain harvesting needs be it from a high rise apartment or bungalow even your storm water. We have the solutions
  • Sewerage systems
  • - We also design new and modify existing septic tanks to reduce your financial burden on emptying by employing biological and hydraulic principles to reduce the quantities stored by generating Certified Quality Effluents.
  • Water recycling Systems
  • - Is the water bill to high ? Do you want to reuse water for your gardening and lawn needs? we have affordable and tested technologies to solve your challenge.

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Environmental Professional Services

Environmental professional services

Greencare is a registered firm of experts offering various professional services as required by law under EMCA act 1999. We ensure that your projects are in peak standard in relation to comply with necessary environmental standards. 

Environmental Impact Assessment

• Greencare conducts Environmental Impact Assessment for proposed and existing projects enabling them to comply with the law. Our clients include Contractors, individuals ,business corporates etc.

      Environmental Auditing

• Greencare also carries out Environmental Audit of projects and facilities for the purpose of annual submission and reporting to the National Environmental Management Authority and to the proponenets of the project for intervention and mitigation of adverse environmental effects.

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Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation

Where the environment has adversely affected, Greencare provides environmental remediation services. An example of this is rehabilitation of quarries, wastelands, swamps etc. 

We also offer advisory services to farmers with regard to agriculture and productivity to abet the goal of achieving food security for the nation by applying innovative, tested, affordable and sustainable practices. 

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