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Lawn Care & Landscaping (Lawn and Garden)

Environmental aesthetics (lawn care, landscaping, indoor and outdoor plants)

Lawn care

We offer selective weed control services to kill weeds growing on lawns and turf. After this we offer fertilization and watering services and advice so that the lawn and turf is healthy to prevent the growth of weeds and to enhance its functionality and look.

We also provide lawn mower hire services where our experienced turf care operators keep the turf well manicured.

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Environmental Education And Awareness

Educational and awareness creation

Our organization also partakes in creating awareness within the community,organisations, in schools etc on environmental preservation, safety,Health (OHS) and interdependence a chore undertaken by our team of highly experienced staff.

We offer corporate training sessions on Occupational Health and Safety and help in developing adequate Emergency Action Plans (EMP) in compliance with the Regulations provided in the OHS act of 2007. 

We also partner with schools at all levels to provide education on matters pertaining to the environment, safety and health to grow a environmentally aware generation that will inherit and grow our environmental resources.

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About Us

With headquarters in Nairobi Kenya, Greencare Limited provides superior “all in one house” environmental solutions. The modern human life has brought many challenges to the human environment and the environment of all living organisms.

For humans, health challenges have increased. For animals and plants, their environment has been encroached on by human activities. The whole environment has also been severely impacted on by human activities and the associated climate change related problems.

Greencare Limited was set up to provide answers to all inhabitants of the planet. This is a clean environment and less conflict between different animal and plant species.

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