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Lawn Care & Landscaping (Lawn and Garden)

Environmental aesthetics (lawn care, landscaping, indoor and outdoor plants)

Lawn care

We offer selective weed control services to kill weeds growing on lawns and turf. After this we offer fertilization and watering services and advice so that the lawn and turf is healthy to prevent the growth of weeds and to enhance its functionality and look.

We also provide lawn mower hire services where our experienced turf care operators keep the turf well manicured.


For working places, residences, public parks, institutions and other facilities, GreenCare limited provides landscaping services. This is by organizing plants, rocks and fountains to give the area a very good appeal.

Indoor and outdoor plants

We have an assortment of plants that are suited for indoor and outdoor environments. Apart from providing the plants we have specially formulated fertilizers and pest control solutions for these plants. To ensure that the growing of these plants is optimal, GreenCare regularly checks and changes (where necessary) the soil or plant growing substrate. We also maintain the plants by trimming off excess vegetation and removal of dying and dead flowers, leaves and branches.