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Waste Management

Greencare Waste management policy is geared towards providing unrivalled solutions for waste collection and disposal in line with best industrial and environmental practices. We strive to be a mark above the rest in the market. By controlling the process of waste flow from the point of generation to disposal we are able to provide monitoring of implemented high standards of waste management. The Processes are in the stages of collection, transportation and disposal.

The stages may include as necessary

  • Collection- Where waste is separated at source properly packaged and collected in a timely and convenient manner.
  • Transportation- the collected waste is transported using approved vehicles duly designed for the purpose to minimize contamination of the physical, visual or olfactory environment
  • Aggregation- where necessary the waste is stored in appropriate conditions awaiting disposal. At this stage more separation is conducted.
  • Disposal- various methods of disposal are used including

ü  Recycling – recyclable materials are transported to appropriate recyclers

ü  Re use – materials that can be reused are reapplied into various uses using various channels.

ü  Composting- Biodegradable waste is utilized in composting pits to generate organic fertilizer which is supplied to users.

ü  Incineration- hazardous, medical , industrial waste are incinerated at recommended conditions

We also design innovative systems geared towards reducing amount of waste generated on site. In line with keeping abreast with industrial developments we are in the process of setting up an incineration facility at Athi River with a capacity of over 1000 tonnes per hour in partnership with SMS infrastructure ltd.

The main ranges of waste that we handle includes;

  1. Hazardous waste including medical, pharmaceutical pesticides and electronic waste
  2. Non Hazardous waste including residential, industrial office and petroleum waste
  3. Sanitary waste
  4. Exhauster services
  5. Green waste for composting purposes

Medical and hazardous waste

Medical and other hazardous waste like pharmaceutical waste and industrial waste is disposed of by incineration. This is achieved by proper control of all the incinerating conditions. Compliance with international standards is maintained at all times. Electronic waste is collected for recycling.


Non Hazardous

The fate of non hazardous waste after all reduction efforts have been made is re-use, recycling. Thereafter waste that cannot be re-used or recycled ends up in landfills.

At Greencare, we help our clients to maximize opportunities for reduction and re-use and recycling of waste. The rest is taken to approved landfills.

Sanitary waste

We collect sanitary waste from residences, institutions and work places. This is done in the most hygienic manner and is done regularly. The waste is later disposed of by incineration. For these, we provide the appropriate bins which allow the waste to be deposited while preventing the one in the bin from being seen. Our team of dedicated employees ensures that the bins are changed regularly.

Exhauster services

We provide services of emptying septic tanks and other liquid and slurry sumps.

Green waste

In horticultural/agricultural and fresh produce packaging facilities where compostable waste is generated, Greencare collects this waste for composting while taking all suitable measures to control plant disease possibility. The resulting compost is later used as a soil conditioner, manure and to rehabilitate abandoned quarries. This can be done at the client’s facility or at our own composting sites